cara mengecheat gem dragon city permanen

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Cheat Dragon City Hack Gem Permanent Terbaru Juli Agustus 2012

Langkah : ngecheat gem dragon city permanen

  1. Open it all (dragon city , charles)
  2. Collect Gold
  3. Find:
  5. >dragoncity
  6.   >web
  7.    >srv
  8. Right Click on "packet.php?USERID=XXXXXXXXXXXXX" then click breakpoints
  9. Refresh the game (dont do anything ingame)
  10. Collect Money again then Breakpoints will appear
  11. Copy the Code from Notepad
  12. Highlight the code inside square brackets "[ ]" then paste your code from notepad (ctrl + v)
  13. Click Execute, then wait for charles to get error
  14. Refresh your game.
  15. finish play dragon city

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